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                         a Better Tomorrow:
Where Empathy Meets


Uncovering needs to design impactful solutions!

Hi, I'm

Driven by the belief that design can empower
and create positive systemic change, my passion lies in leveraging design thinking to unlock innovative solutions that tackle complex challenges. 


A few
selected ones


Coming Soon

Beyond Packaging

Tackling London's plastic crisis with a
circular design approach aligned with the UN SDGs.

Design Research | Systems Thinking | Sustainability

Over To You

Reinventing traditional icebreakers, to
catalyse organic connections among students.

Design Research  | Design Thinking | Game Design

Digital Education Program

Bridging the educational gap for
children via a digital program.

Design Research | Design Thinking | Innovation

Scaling Up
Social Impact Program

Empowering young professionals
to create change for via online learning.

E-Learning Design | Project Management

TEACH Through Technology

Enhancing the TEACH program with a
digital platform for improved delivery and impact.

User Research | Design Thinking | Innovation

Building a
Data-Driven TEACH Program

Designing and implement data-
driven approaches for the TEACH program.

Monitoring & Evaluation | Project Management |
Social Impact

Scaling Up
TEACH Program

Expanding the TEACH
program's reach and impact.

Strategy Development | Strategy | Social Impact

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