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Think Sherlock Holmes meets Marie Kondo!

I've worked in the field for over five years and love what I do! My passion lies in uncovering user needs and designing solutions that make a positive impact. I take a human-centered approach to my work, always putting people first. Seeing how my designs can drive change and make a difference in people's lives is truly rewarding.


Design Thinking Strategist

Proficient in design thinking frameworks and innovation strategies to tackle challenges.


Unveiling the Why

Skilled in design research mixed methodologies to unlock the hidden needs and motivations of your users


Spark Collaborative Innovation

My facilitation skills ignite workshops and co-creation sessions, fostering a dynamic environment for brainstorming and problem-solving.


Crafting User Journeys

Adept at translating user experience design principles and user-centered design processes into solutions that flow seamlessly.


Transform Data into Insights

My analytical skills transform complex information into actionable insights guiding strategic decision-making.

When I'm not designing for a better world, you'll find me:

  • Getting lost in a captivating novel or or watching the latest whodunit to unravel a captivating mystery, I enjoy activities that ignite my curiosity and offer fresh perspectives.

  • Baking delicious treats to share with friends.

  • Sparking conversations - I love delving into thought-provoking discussions about life and its possibilities.

  • Traveling to experience diverse cultures and perspectives.

Let's connect!

I'm eager to understand your challenges and see how my skills can help you achieve innovation and measurable impact.

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