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Scaling Up Social Impact Program

The project aimed to engage young professionals across India and empower them to create tangible change for NGO partners through an online engagement.

Duration: 12 Months 
Program Design & Management
Tools: Miro, Airtable, MS Excel, Google Forms,                     Zoom


Engaging geographically dispersed young professionals to build their social impact skills, and empowering them to support partner NGOs.



Designing an engaging and impactful collaborative learning ecosystem to address real-world challenges with partner NGOs. 

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Program Design

User Research

Collaboration & Partnerships

  • Established frameworks for opportunity prioritization, product roadmaps, ideation, and prototyping to guide the program's development.

  • Conducted mixed methods research (qualitative and quantitative) to understand various stakeholder needs.

  • Secured collaborations with multinational corporations for research and CSR initiatives.


Pilot Program Success

The innovative digital education program as a pilot was successful, benefiting over 1,000 underprivileged children.

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Stakeholder Alignment

The project ensured successful stakeholder engagement and alignment through research, collaboration, and CSR initiatives.


​User-Centered Design

  • The importance of user research for developing impactful solutions was reaffirmed. 

  • Understanding the specific needs and challenges of underprivileged children through user research was crucial in designing an effective digital education program.

Project Management

  • The effectiveness of project management frameworks for keeping complex projects on track was evident. 

  • Utilizing these frameworks ensured smooth implementation, timely delivery, and overall success of the digital education program.

Collaboration & Partnership

  • The value of collaboration and partnership in achieving social impact was undeniable. 

  • Partnering with various stakeholders and fostering a collaborative environment were key to maximizing the reach and impact of the program for underprivileged children.

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