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Changemakers United

Scaling Up Social Impact

The project aimed to engage young professionals and empower them to create tangible change for NGO partners through an online engagement.

Duration: 12 Months 
Program Design & Management
Tools: Miro, Airtable, MS Excel, Google Forms,                    Zoom


Engaging geographically dispersed young professionals to build their social impact skills, and empowering them to support partner NGOs.



Designing an engaging and impactful collaborative learning ecosystem to address real-world challenges with partner NGOs. 



Curriculum Design


Program Management

  • Designed an online curriculum focused on social impact best practices, workshop facilitation skills, and knowledge relevant to partner NGOs.

  • Incorporated interactive online elements and activities to foster engagement and knowledge retention among geographically dispersed participants.

  • Oversaw all aspects of the program, including recruitment, selection, training, and ongoing support for over 250 participants to drive social impact.

  • Designed and implemented a recruitment process to select a diverse group of highly motivated participants passionate about social impact.

  • Provided participants with training through workshop facilitations, empowering them to actively engage with NGO partners.


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Engaged Learning & Skill Development

  • The interactive online program sparked a high level of engagement among participants across India.

  • This translated into the development of valuable skills in social impact work. Interns actively participated in workshops, gaining practical experience and the knowledge needed to make a real difference.


Amplifying NGO Impact

  • Participants critical support provided a much-needed boost to partner NGOs' capacity.

  • This empowered NGOs to further their missions and reach a wider range of beneficiaries, ultimately creating tangible positive change for the communities they serve.

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Engaging Online Learning Design

  • Creating interactive and impactful online learning experiences for geographically dispersed participants.

Skill Development for Social Impact

  • Equipping young professionals with the necessary skills to contribute meaningfully to the social impact sector.

Partnership Building

  • Collaborating with NGOs to ensure programs meet their needs and create lasting impact.

Effective Project Management

  • Leading and managing a large online program to drive social impact requires efficient project management.

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